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130 kids & none are mine - PCOS infertility

Over the past year, several of my Facebook friends have started selling weight loss wraps to make some extra money. The posts about it clog my newsfeed and are annoying, but I applaud their entrepreneurship. However, the past couple of months, they have been promoting weight loss pills, too. Normally, this wouldn’t really bother me either, but they’re claiming it aids the symptoms of PCOS and, as a marketing tool, claim it can help women get pregnant, and I seriously question if most of them even know what PCOS actually is because they’re just using pre-fabricated marketing lines that have been passed down to them.

I have been good and have kept my opinions to myself, as antagonizing a once-real life-friend’s business is impolite, but this weekend, I found my fingers clicking on one of the statuses without my consent. They typed, asking if the pill aided PCOS the way…

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