Why I Enjoyed Getting Fat, and Why I Don’t Want To Be Anymore

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I’ve been a big girl my whole life. I gained weight easier than most. I could be more active than any of my friends, be fed the same things and still be the fat girl. I was picked on a lot in my life because of my weight. So I ended up losing weight.

I was 18 and had lost quite a bit. I was a size 16 but my ribs were visible, as were my hip bones. But, I had a large chest and a large rump. I was curvy. And, had been for years. It was just more noticeable.

Let me go back before that. When I was developing, I started getting a woman’s body at 8-9. Then, at 12 I found out what that look in a man’s eyes meant. Teenagers and grown men were always staring, making comments and trying to get too close. I had…

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