Here We Are…Beginning IVF

A #cyster begins her #ivf and she’s #positive. Let her story #inspire you


When we first learned of my fertility challenges, I denounced the idea of IVF. I always said if it came down to that we would be happy with the family we had and end our adventure in infertility. After 2 years of trying medicated cycles with timed intercourse then IUI cycles with injectables, we found ourselves at that cross road: begin IVF or be happy as a family of 3. As much joy as Ryan brings to our family every moment of every day, we don’t feel our family is complete. So, here we are. About to begin IVF at Shady Grove Fertility in Frederick, Maryland.

My baseline appointment is Friday October 9, 2015 which also happens to be our 5 year anniversary. Leading up to IVF, patients take estrogen only birth control to quiet the ovaries so that all follicles are at the same resting phase when stimulation begins…

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