A year has passed…

Living with #PCOS!


So I set up this blog over a year ago, as a personal release. How many posts have I made in that year?….  Hmm… Just one!!

Why?… Because I stare at myself daily and the same torment is there… Nothing changes. As I lay here in bed tonight, with the physical pain of my PCOS and yet another egg not having released properly slowly creeping to the point of bursting begin to kick in, I just don’t see the point. The doctors have actually compared this physical pain I endure pretty much every month, as the equivalent to labour pains. How fucked up is that???

The mental pain of my yearn and longing to be a mother… To feel my tummy grow… To feel the kick of my baby… To just feel complete… Is obviously not enough. Let’s just kick me down that little bit more and put have the…

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