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Yard Sale

I know that if it is meant to be, it will.  I am a strong believer.

Each doctor’s appointment has to be paid up front.  For one of my August appointments, we were going to have to pay $467.63.  Honestly, Joe and I didn’t have it. The doctor’s office has two locations. One is in Columbia and the second is in Charleston.  Both locations are over 2 hours away. With that drive, it meant more time away from work and more gas. I had a flat tire that had to be replaced. Joe’s car had three wheels in the grave and needed work.  Plus, I was going to need more medicine.  To say we were spread thin is putting it lightly.

I know.  It doesn’t seem like much money.  In our normal budget it would not have been too bad, but with all those unexpected costs, it seemed like a mountain. …

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