Looking Into The Heart and Not The Face

FB_20151012_17_36_04_Saved_PictureWe are currently living in a world where people are moved only by what they see. If they can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. There’s so much going on within each and everyone of us but our latest attitude towards one another is causing us more ache and suffering than we were built to bear.

Our tendency to pass judgments on others without even understanding the real situation and to make fun of the most serious issues has resulted in people coiling into their shells and silently living in pain.

People are afraid to talk about their problems because they are scared of what others might say or think of them. But are they to blame?

We are so obsessed with ourselves that we’ve become less loving, tolerant, caring and patient. We are so focused on how to upgrade our pretentious life to look perfect and cool in the eyes of others and therefore, can’t  bear to see or hear other people being real about their problems.

Nowadays, people who talk about their problems are tagged “weaklings” because nobody does that anymore. It’s either you learn how to deal with your problems on your own or you watch yourself move from bad to worse.

Yes, we all have problems to deal with but not everyone is strong to handle their issues on their own so if ever, someone comes to you with a problem, don’t judge the person by his/her outlook and tell him/her that everything will be fine and then walk away.

Be a listening ear and show that their happiness and well-being matters to you. Don’t be eager to make everything about you and say stuff like, “oh, this happens to everyone all the time, get over yourself.”

Even if they don’t come to you, go to them and be a genuine friend. Likewise yourself, don’t pretend everything is all right when it’s not. Find someone who truly cares and talk to that person. You can’t honestly enjoy your life wearing a thousand masks.

There is more to all of us than just meets the eye. Outwardly we are all smiles, inwardly we’ve already cried an ocean. We tell people we are fine but within, we are sinking faster than the titanic.

Let’s look into each others hearts and try to understand the unique challenges we face and I promise, you will marvel at the inner satisfaction that comes from not being extremely self-centred.

We need to see beyond the face of the people around us and look past their smiles to know the extent of the damages their invisible floods has caused within them.

We all deserve to be happy, let’s start by treating each other better!