Journey To Conceive


A #cyster story…. #TTC #PCOS #Infertility

Becoming Momma

At at 21 my world fell a part in a doctors office.

For almost a year I had been experiencing irregular periods and decided it was time to visit the clinic. A quick ultrasound and some blood work were ordered up by the physician and I was sent on my way.

Merely hours after my ultrasound, I was called into the doctors office to receive my results. Anxiously, I sat in the office awaiting the news, expecting the worst and anticipating cervical cancer. At this time I had never been exposed to the “syndrome” I was about to be diagnosed with.

As the doctor transcribed my results, my heart dropped into my stomach.

“Multiple cysts across both ovaries, likelihood of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Further testing is suggested.”

My mind immediately rushed to my future family, my future husband and my future life.

“What does this mean?” I asked. “Will I be able to have kids?”

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