You Are Full of Wonder

wonderful person

I have always believed that nobody was born to be a failure; neither you nor I. You have what it takes to be that person you always dream of and absolutely nothing can stop you from becoming who you want to become if you truly understand how powerful and wonderful you are.

You are full of wonder and you are amazing! Your fears and doubts may continuously replay your weaknesses to you and make you feel like you’re the least of all creations but hey, trash those thoughts because you are meant to shine.

Life is such that you have to turn on your switch to shine just like you do with a bulb. You never know how bright a bulb is unless you have the electricity to power it and the switch to turn it on.

We are all walking bulbs and we are meant to shine but the decision to illuminate the world, rests solely with you. Don’t you think it’s time to shine?

Now is the time to work on your source of electricity and switch, the world is earnestly waiting for you to burst forth with your light. As a matter of fact, it’s time to turn on your switch, for the world is getting darker and darker without your wonder.

Deep within you, you know your lackadaisicalness is causing much grief to both your body and mind but still, you choose to listen to the loud voice that tells you are incapable of moving from your current circle of nothingness instead of that small voice that reminds you each day of the “wonder,” lying restlessly at the bottom of your belly.

Stop moping around and get to work! Or is it that you are waiting for someone to grant you permission to do the things you already know you have been destined to do? What is that you are scared of? Is it failure? If that is what you are scared of, then I am tempted to believe that you are not full of wonder after all.

Failure is a part of success. There is no true success without failure and there is no inspiring story without failure. Great people always have a story to tell. It is not their success that makes them great, it is their failures.

Their failures make them stronger and wiser to face the obstacles that come their way as they “weed” their path to prominence.

Since we are likening ourselves to bulbs, let me give you an example of one great man who failed but never gave up.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of bulbs was told by his teachers in his early years that he was “too stupid to learn anything.” In his adult years, he was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. Even as an inventor, Edison failed a 1000 times in his attempt to invent a light bulb but of course, all those unsuccessful attempts resulted in the bulbs we now use to brighten the dark.

Remember, Edison was told several times by people who should have encouraged him that he would amount to nothing yet, he believed in himself. He knew he was full of wonder. Even when he failed numerously in inventing the bulb; he still believed that he was made of wonder.

What defines us is how we rise after we fall. When you fall seven times, get up eight times because you are full of wonder and there is nothing you can’t overcome.

If you decided to listen to the loud voice that told you that you were a failure and have therefore decided to call it quits, please change gears and get to the winning side because that is where you actually belong.

If you belong to a circle where negativity is in abundance, run! Don’t pay heed to any voice that makes you feel less and tells you can’t shine; be it in your head or that of another human being. Don’t let anyone, great or small steal your shine!

You are full of wonder. I repeat you are full of wonder and you are amazing! Don’t give anyone or anything the authority to make you feel otherwise. Daily feed the voice that tells you can shine with positive and inspiring thoughts.

Make a resolution today to change the way you think and speak to yourself. Remember, whatever the mind can conceive and believe; it can achieve.

Your mind will never dream dreams it knows you cannot achieve. So whatever it is you are dreaming today, start working on your source of electricity and your plug because the world can never have enough lights.

You were never created for yourself alone: you were created for the world, to make a difference. Let your light shine because you are full of wonder!