positive thinking

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become,” –Buddha

You are what you think. What you constantly focus on; your mental representation of life and how you communicate with yourself within is the genuine reflection of the kind of person you are.

How often do you monitor your thoughts? Or do you allow yourself to think whatever comes to mind? Think about what you are thinking about.

The mind is like a very fertile land, suitable for all varieties of crops, whatever you cultivate in there will ripen with perfection be it ordinary weeds or expensive cash-crops.

Very few of us actually have control over our minds. We always wonder why we are never happy, why we are always miserable and why nothing seems to work for us but we forget that everything we are and how we choose to interpret what we see and hear is all in our mind.

The mind is a very powerful place; so powerful that most people have likened it to a battlefield. There is always war in there between the good and the bad. A war so “bloody” that if you don’t take control immediately and effectively use your weapon of “self-talk,” your entire world would start crumbling.

Always choose what you think about very carefully, your mind can be a very good servant and at the same time a bad master depending on what you think about. Simply put, your mind can make and unmake you.

Sometimes we allow our minds to wander far off and look on helplessly as we watch it gather and dump garbage into our system.

Your mind is the centre of gravity of your entire existence. It has the strength to attract all sorts of things into your life; both negative and positive but you, only you, have the power to give space to the things your mind presents to you everyday.

For example, you wake up on Monday morning and your inner-self tells you, “Oh, I hate Mondays. Mondays are so terrible.” Do you immediately refute that statement and firmly retort with something like, “Oh no, I love my Mondays because it gives me joy and satisfaction to know that I have a job or it gives me the opportunity to prove to myself how smart and competent I am,” or do you just accept the statement that Mondays are terrible and then start being all grumpy for no reason at all?

You keep wondering why there is no improvement in your life but you forget that you are the first person to say “I can’t do this, this is impossible,” without even trying your hands on that new task. You always allow your mind to limit you and give in so easily to the numerous reasons why the path of least resistance is better than the high road and yet you want to be in the league of successful people.

Do you remember the number of times you stood in front of the mirror and said to yourself, “ I am too fat, I will never be as beautiful as Esi or Ama,” “If only I was as tall as Kwame or as light-skinned as Nancy or as cute as Amina, things would have been different?”

I always marvel at how some people try so hard to be something they are not, only to come back to where they started from.

You allow your OWN mind to represent every living thing on this earth, including cats and dogs to be more worthy than you are yet; you still wonder why you are always miserable.

In this life, you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear but, to continually see the good and the positive you’ll have to carefully choose the kind of thoughts that run in your head and be mindful of your intrapersonal relationship.

It is not easy to gain mastery over the mind; the mind is a very ferocious beast to tame and it can only be disciplined through conscious effort and focus.

Don’t invite depression and anxiety into your life by making situations bigger than what they actually are or by permitting your mind to concoct ridiculous lies about you or anybody else. Set your own rules, write down how you want your life to be, repeat it to yourself daily and don’t hesitate to scold your mind should it deviate from your instructions.

Always be alert and consciously think about what you are thinking about even when you’re daydreaming and I promise you, you will feel totally renewed and at peace. It might take months or years but you need to do this if you want to experience the ultimate power within you.

Have you been waiting for someone or a circumstance to change so you will be happy? My dear, forget it, no happiness or peace is coming from anywhere. All that you need and want is already within you. Time to take some responsibility! Be responsible for your thoughts and actions and always think about what you are thinking about!