Maybe You Need Your Own Path


Nothing seems to be working for you. You’ve sacrificed and tried everything including going against your principles to achieve this dream of yours yet, you constantly end up back at square one.

Within, you know you’re doing all that needs to be done and looking at how far you’ve come, there should be at least some sort of evidence to prove that you’re doing or you’ve done all that you are supposed to do to succeed and that you are on the right path.

The thing is, sometimes it takes more than just a high level of commitment and always doing the right things to be successful.

The path we use while doing all those right things has a great impact on whether we succeed or not and could greatly sabotage our efforts if it’s the wrong one.

You see, we usually get so focused on doing the right things that we pay less attention to the path we are treading, especially if that path has been tested and proven to be reliable by the people we look up to.

I know it’s nice to use an already proven path; it makes your journey less burdensome and risky but unfortunately, not everyone was created to walk on such paths.

Some people were born to be road users and some people were born to be road constructors. Maybe you are a road constructor. Maybe you were born to construct a new road or clear a new path for others to follow. Maybe you were born to lead and not to follow.

It’s not that there’s something wrong with that road everyone is using; perhaps you could even achieve something using that road but maybe it’s just not meant for you.

Look harder and you will see the potholes no one is seeing. When you do see, you can choose to repair that road or construct a new one depending on its state.

Take a second look at the road you are taking and maybe, you will know why nothing seems to be working for you even though you are doing everything right.