When you own something, you get to decide if that thing is valuable or not. When you decide that this property of yours is worth a specific amount, that is your decision and it cannot be changed till you decide to do otherwise.

It could be that you appreciated or depreciated the worth of your property, therefore, you might get a few advice from here and there to rate your property according to its actual value but because whatever it is that you own belongs to you and not them, their opinions really doesn’t change much and you still get to have the final say.

So it is with your life. You are the only one living your life. You need to define your self-worth and set your value.


If you don’t define who you are, people will define you for you. If you don’t set standards for yourself or have any principles in life but just like to go along with anything and anybody that comes your way, people will always decide how you should live your own life.

There is a saying that “if you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for everything,” and that is the truth.

People will abuse and misuse you because you have no value for yourself, and they cannot be blamed because your words and actions are valueless? If you place a low value on yourself, you’ll be treated like the low person you are and if you place a high value on yourself, you’ll be treated like the king or queen you are.

Don’t wait for someone to define how much you are worth and neither should you devalue yourself just to make someone happy or feel important. Set your value and live your life.

Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that makes others unhappy. Anyone who wants you to be miserable so that they can live in happiness and bliss should not be in your life to begin with.