Healthy Foods That Become Dangerous

Any food can harm your health when it is consumed in excess. It is just a matter of understanding how much you can eat or how much your body needs. Your body requires different minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other substances to keep you healthy; so make sure you get all nutrients in balance to have a healthy diet.

Limit all the foods to a reasonable amount and maintain a balanced diet. Below are some foods which shouldn’t be consumed in excess.



Did you know that eating too many carrots makes your body absorb too much of beta-carotene? This leads to concentration of the blood and ultimately turns the skin orange. This is one of the healthy foods that can become dangerous when consumed in excess.



Drinking excess coffee can lead to issues with the nervous system, insomnia, muscle tremors and even heart palpitations. Make sure you don’t consume more than two cups of coffee every day.

Fish Oil

fish oil

Consuming too much of omega-3 fatty acids can make your blood thin. This has a significant impact on health. Studies reveal that too much of this can also result in Vitamin A toxicity, vision problems and nausea. Though it is a healthy food, it becomes dangerous when consumed in excess.



Eating too much tuna exposes you to higher amounts of methylmercury. This compound can causes vision issues, lack of coordination or even developmental delays in young children. Make sure you consume tuna once a week. This helps the body flush out the pollutant before it builds up to dangerous amounts.



Cinnamon contains coumarin, which can cause cancer or liver toxicity if consumed in high amounts. Studies reveal that just 2gms is needed by the body for its daily dose.

Brazil Nuts

brazil nuts

These nuts are rich in selenium. This can be toxic if consumed in high amounts. So, make sure you have this healthy food in limited quantities.

Star Fruit

star fruit

This fruit is delicious and perfect for a snack. Consuming this food in excess leads to kidney and permanent renal problems. So, eat this in limited quantities.

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