What Does Fibre Do To Our Body?

Fibre is generally one of the most important elements you should add to your daily diet. Fibre is good for digestion and less in calories which makes it ideal for weight loss. According to experts, it is necessary to begin your day with high-fibre foods, like: oats, porridge, whole grain bread, fruits, leafy green vegetables, protein salads etc. When you consume these high fibre foods at the start of the day, you will feel much more energised. These fibre foods will also make your tummy full, therefore, you need not worry about snacking through the day to ward off those hunger pangs. When you add these high fibre foods to your daily diet, make sure your intake of water has doubled.

Fibre makes one constipated due to its properties, which is why water is important to keep your tummy well and to help out in digestion. On the other hand, do you know why experts ask you to add fibre to your daily intake of food? Well, here are some of the reasons why this element should be a part and parcel of your diet.

Fibre Prevents Cancer

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When you consume fibre on a daily basis, the toxins are flushed out from your colon; this way, fibre protects you from colorectal cancer.

Fibre Lowers BP

BPFibre also regulates your blood pressure levels in the body. It aids in lowering both the systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure levels.

Fibre Keeps Diabetes At Bay


Type II diabetes is a common disease. To prevent this type of diabetes, it is essential to add fibre to your daily diet. Since fibre slows down the rate of sugar when absorbed from the intestines into the blood, it thereby helps prevent diabetes.

Fibre Aids In Reducing Pounds


Fibre is less in calories; it keeps your tummy full preventing you from consuming snacks and high calorie foods throughout the day. On the other hand, it aids in weight loss as it lowers down the absorption of sugar from the intestine.

Fibre Is Good For Your Tummy


Lack of fibre leads to constipation and digestive issues. You need to add 30 grams of this element everyday in order to experience good bowel movements. On the other hand, you should also consume fibre for loose stools.

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