7 Makeup Myths Busted

There are many false promises floating around in the world of beauty products. With all the myths circulating about skincare, it gets a little confusing as to what can be believed and what should be ignored. Quick beauty fixes or those magic lotions generally do not work. Mostly, the claims and promises that beauty products make seldom live up to expectations. There are dozens of myths about skin care that need to be debunked. These myths may be an eye opener to people who generally believe in the marketing campaigns and television commercials they see.

If you believe in such myths, you will be damaging your skin in the long run. In this article, let us share various makeup myths.

Using Darker Foundation Makes You Look Tanned

If you choose a foundation that is too dark for your skin tone, it only makes you look like you have just chosen the wrong foundation. For better results, you can opt for a foundation which is similar to your original skin tone.

Makeup Causes Acne

This is not true unless you use expired beauty products. Make sure you apply makeup on a clean face and remove it before sleeping. Good skincare is the foundation of good makeup.

Expensive Products Are Better Than Cheap Ones

There are good and bad products in the beauty product industry. Do not go by the myth of buying expensive products. Make sure you always test a product before using it. Brand names are just used for marketing.

Soap Is The Best Cleanser

No doubt that your skin feels squeaky clean when you use a soap. But the soaps rob your skin of the natural oils and therefore, they are to be avoided. Instead of harsh soaps, opt for water soluble water cleansing solutions. They help retain the pH balance of your skin.

Pores Shrink

There are various products in the market that claim to shrink pores of your skin. But it is not true as they do not work. Pores are not like little openings that can expand and contract like muscles. Keeping the skin clean will help keep your pores from enlarging.

Apply Concealer Before Foundation

This is a wrong practice that most of us follow. Apply your foundation first as it covers your blemishes. Use concealer after that to cover the stubborn areas that cannot be covered by foundation. This trick saves a lot of time.

Using Eyebrow Pencil Of The Same Colour

As Your Eyebrows Using the same colour eyebrow pencil will make them look harsh. Instead, use a pencil which is a shade lighter than your eyebrow colour. It will allow them to look more natural and filling.

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