Today’s Subject: Oestrogen dominance.

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I loved exploring the research behind this! There is just so much to learn. It makes me sad that nowadays so many people are suffering from these issues. We are ALWAYS so quick to blame hormones, which is completely correct, but shouldn’t we address WHY the hormones are such an issue? Well I have done he hard work for you and put together a bit of info on the matter… enjoy.

Oestrogen dominance is an umbrella term used to describe adverse symptoms associated with excess oestrogen levels compared to progesterone levels. Oestrogen levels can become high due to the use of the oral contraceptive pill, hormone replacement therapy, xenoestrogens found in the environment, and obesity.
In healthy females oestrogen levels are balanced with progesterone levels. Progesterone is produced in higher levels during the ovulatory phase of the female 28 day cycle and peak in the early luteal phase before dropping…

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