Things That Ruin Your Metabolism

Metabolism is an essential biological process that keeps all cells of your body active and functioning. But, this can be ruined any time if you are not paying attention to what you do to your body. Most of us are bothered more about knowing different ways to boost metabolism. But, have you ever thought of some of your day to day activities that can ruin your metabolism?

Metabolic disorders are increasing nowadays with the tremendous change in the modern lifestyles. Before searching for ideas to improve your metabolism, it is important to know what actually ruins your metabolism. This will help you have an eye on promoting effective metabolism. If you think that doing exercise and eating healthy are enough to support your metabolism, you are wrong! There are many other things that you should never do as well.

Everything that is considered healthy contribute to a healthy metabolic system. It can be your life style, food habits, sleeping habits or diet.

Staying Dehydrated

Water has an important role in metabolism. If you are not drinking enough water, your metabolism will suffer. This may eventually lead to many complications. But unfortunately, most of us fail to realise the fact that abnormal metabolism issues are due to dehydration.

Eating Late

Following good eating habits is essential for healthy metabolism. According to studies, eating too late is the most common cause of obesity. This will cause additional fat deposition and will also affect the digestive process.

Dieting Desperately

Your body needs enough amount of carbohydrates, fat and proteins to stay healthy. If you think that dieting too much can make you slim and beautiful, you are wrong. This will only put you under the risk of many health issues, mainly due to ruined metabolic system.


If you are not getting enough good sleep, no doubt, you are challenging your metabolism. Sound sleep can do wonders to your metabolism and also keeps you healthy. Bad sleeping habits are one of the most common things that ruin your metabolism.

Junk Foods

Junk foods are the major culprits of metabolic disorders and other diseases associated with it. The additives, preservatives and flavours that are commonly used in junk foods are extra load for your digestive system. Moreover, junk foods are high in calories and are not a healthy option.

Unhealthy Snacking

Eating unhealthy fried and canned snacks can affect your metabolism with unwanted calories and fat. If you experience weight gain even when you claim you are eating only snacks, know that they are the major culprit. Focus on healthy snacks like fruits and dry nuts.

Unwanted Medications

Do you run to your doctor even when you notice a running nose? Then, you are under risk. Medications can cause many side effects that are sometimes even more serious than your cold or cough. Also, remember not to try self-medication. Know what actually ruins your metabolism and treat your body with respect. Stay healthy and happy!

This article was published on Boldsky