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Pomaa Arthur

Cysters Support Club is a non-profit organisation in Ghana with a mission to raise Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness and provide support for women and girls with the syndrome as well as their families and loved ones.

The Club was founded by Pomaa Arthur, following the struggles and challenges she had to deal with before and after she was diagnosed with PCOS in November 2014.

The objectives of the Club include:

  • Raising PCOS Awareness
  • Supporting women and girls dealing with PCOS and other reproductive health issues
  • Promoting healthy living among women

Cysters Support Club is joining voices with Cysters worldwide to draw attention to the impact the syndrome has on the entire well-being of affected women and also  partner institutions to make PCOS a global health priority.

The club is open to women and girls who have been diagnosed with PCOS, dealing with reproductive health issues and others  who have been affected by the disorder in a way.  Women who genuinely care about Cysters and want to provide support in their own special way are welcome to join the Club.

Pomaa believes that by effectively raising PCOS awareness, there would be an improvement in the total well-being of Ghanaian women as well as the elimination of the stigma attached to infertile women.