Smoking, secondhand exposure associated with earlier menopause, infertility

Women who are active smokers or exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke are more likely to experience infertility or earlier-onset menopause than women who never smoked, according to research in Tobacco Control.… Continue reading

Things That Ruin Your Metabolism

Metabolism is an essential biological process that keeps all cells of your body active and functioning. But, this can be ruined any time if you are not paying attention to what you do… Continue reading

Today’s Subject: Oestrogen dominance.

Originally posted on A Natural Traveller :
I loved exploring the research behind this! There is just so much to learn. It makes me sad that nowadays so many people are suffering from these…

Endocrine Experts Call For More Research Into Leading Cause Of Infertility

More research is needed to better understand polycystic ovary syndrome – one of the leading causes of infertility, according to the Scientific Statement issued by the Endocrine Society. As many as 5 million… Continue reading

Finding True Beauty in Yourself and Others

Beauty. Love. Inspiration. These ideas are often entwined together. When you fully appreciate the beauty of something or someone, you experience love. You likely feel inspired to be your best self and, hopefully,… Continue reading

‘Food Words’ Can Make You Overeat

Certain food words can interact with┬ástress and genetics to trigger unhealthy eating, two new studies suggest. The findings were presented this week at Obesity Week, a meeting in Los Angeles hosted by the… Continue reading

Your Get-Back-in-Shape Plan

Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever get in shape again? Setbacks happen, whether it’s an injury, a crunch time at work, or a hectic time with your family. Whatever it was, you’ve… Continue reading

Everything In Life Has A Purpose

There is a purpose to everything that happens us. Don’t let the challenges and difficulties break you; learn from them and grow strong.

7 Makeup Myths Busted

There are many false promises floating around in the world of beauty products. With all the myths circulating about skincare, it gets a little confusing as to what can be believed and what… Continue reading

7 Things Your Gynaecologist Wants You to Know

No matter how comfortable you are with your gynecologist, you still may be unsure about some things, like which symptoms are worth mentioning, how often to make an appointment, and how to best… Continue reading