Focus And Keep Aiming

If life gives you lemons, don’t settle for simply making lemonade – make a glorious scene at a lemonade stand.” (Elizabeth Gilbert) Advertisements

Maternal Testosterone Exposure Increases Offspring’s Anxiety

Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) have elevated levels of testosterone and its chemical relatives. They also have an increased risk of anxiety and depression. Both sons and daughters of women with PCOS have similar… Continue reading

How To Count Your Carbs

Carbohydrates are a great energy source you need in your diet, but they affect your blood sugar more than foods that have protein and fat. When you’re trying to manage your Polycystic Ovary… Continue reading

What You Need To Know About The Paleo Diet

The Promise Eat like a caveman and shed pounds. That’s the theory behind the Paleo Diet. Loren Cordain, PhD, who literally wrote the book on The Paleo Diet, claims that by eating like… Continue reading

When People Walk Away, Let Them!

Focus on the good people in your life instead of begging and chasing after those who walk away. A few good friends who care about you, are worth a trillion times more than… Continue reading

You’re More Than The Mistakes You’ve Made

You carry the weight of a regret – maybe even a bundle of regrets – that you just can’t seem to put down. Perhaps in your more honest moments, you think you don’t… Continue reading

FAQ: Parabens and Breast Cancer

A new study has found that chemicals called parabens can spur the growth of certain types of breast cancer cells. And they appear to be able to do this even in tiny amounts.… Continue reading

No Condition Is Permanent

You just have to stay focused on what you are doing and where you are going even if all the odds are against you. Great people face great opposition yet they never give… Continue reading

Exercise Before Pregnancy Reduces Risk Of Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic girdle pain is common in pregnant women and is associated with disability, depression, reduced quality of life and higher prevalence of sick leave – both during and after pregnancy. New research suggests… Continue reading

Accept Your Flaws

Millions of self-help books are sold in this country each year, offering advice on how to be thinner, smarter, richer, more successful… the list goes on and on. Sadly, many of us spend… Continue reading